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Mar 24


Here’s some very sad news. :(

Garry Chalk, best known for voicing Optimus Primal in Beast Wars, has posted on Facebook page that fellow voice actor, Blu Mankuma has fallen deathly ill.

I just heard that a dear friend of ours Blu Mankuma is deathly ill in Hospital. He is rallying apparently but i think he could really use some healing thoughts and prayers. I kinder sweeter man you will never meet.

For those of you who don’t know, Blu Mankuma was also a voice actor on BW, and played both Tigatron and Tigerhawk. Garry has asked for the fandom to keep Mr. Mankuma in our thoughts.

I for one hope he pulls through. Tigatron was always a favorite of mine, and I believe Mr. Mankuma is a very talented human being. May he make a speedy and thorough recovery.

Feb 22

We aren’t dead yet!

I apologize to all followers, old and new, for the long breaks between posts.  My current problem is that my laptop screen is more or less dead, and has been since December, but once I scrape up enough money to get a new one and have all my files transfered over (including all my BW episodes!) I’ll get right to work making up gifs again. 

And filling requests ;)

Feb 27

Feb 26

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Feb 24

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